Welcome to Mayer Realty & Associates. Mayer Realty is a locally owned and operated firm that is very proud of its local heritage and roots that tie it to the Lee County and surrounding area. Due to our long history of operations in the Central Texas Area, we have a firsthand knowledge of the area that can only be acquired by experience. Mayer Realty has always strived to maintain a good reputation reflective of fair dealing and professional expertise.

Wherein independent agency sales comprise a vast majority of real estate sales made on the market today, Mayer Realty is proud of its connections with other independent brokers both in and out of state, which enables us to assist buyers and sellers in finding or marketing real estate. Mayer Realty represents both sellers and buyers in selling or procuring property on today’s market. Whether your real estate needs involve the sale of a property, purchase of a property, opinions of value, property management or consulting, Mayer Realty is ready to help.

With regard to community participation, Mayer Realty is an active member of the Lee County Fair, Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce and a proud sponsor of the Giddings Little League, and The Lee County Jr. Livestock Show. Mayer Realty also supports various school annuals, the Giddings Fire Department, Charity Auctions, American Legion Auctions, American Cancer Society Jail & Bail, the local Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and the Lexington EMS. Your continued support through your listings and sales make possible for Mayer Realty to reinvest in our community and future.

Alma Mayer, founder and former Broker of Mayer Realty & Associates was the oldest active real estate broker in Giddings for many years. Since the early 70’s, Mrs. Mayer built her reputation on fair dealing and an unmatched sales record. Many of the properties and businesses you see today in Giddings were sold by Mrs. Mayer at one time or another.

Mrs. Mayer & her husband Burney R. Mayer resided together in Giddings until Burney’s death, and they were both members of the Martin Luther Lutheran Church.  She has in the past taught the Adult Bible Class, served on the Church Counsel and Pastoral Call Committee. Up until a few months prior to Mrs. Mayer’s death, she came into the office every day and remained very active within Mayer Realty & Associates consulting with Jeff, Rudy and the whole staff concerning day to day affairs.

Rudy A. Mayer is Co-Owner and a sales associate at Mayer Realty & Associates. Rudy has been involved in sales for the greater part of his life. He first moved to Giddings in 1969 after attending Immanuel Lutheran School for some time. He is a Graduate of Giddings High School. His history with farm machinery & real estate sales is well known throughout Central Texas. Rudy acquired his real estate sales license in the early 70’s. His expertise is not only in marketing, sales promotion and advertising but in making a deal work, once it is reduced to paper. Available financing is a very necessary tool in making any deal work. Rudy is proud of the fact that the has been able to obtain for buyers, some of the best mortgage financing in the Central Texas Area by working with local area lenders and mortgage companies.

In addition to his involvement with Mayer Realty & Associates, Rudy is a members of the Martin Luther Lutheran Church of Giddings. He has 6 children and 2 grandchildren. In the past, he has served on the Church Counsel, various positions in the Men in Mission, and Sunday School. Rudy holds insurance and securities licenses of various types, and is an active Texas Auctioneer as licensed under the laws of the State of Texas. He is also an Associate member of the National Association of Master Appraisers and National Association of Counselors.

Civic involvements currently include being an active member of the Giddings Volunteer Fire Department where he attended a large number of calls last year. In addition, he is very involved as a member of the local Giddings Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Club, Giddings Medical Recruitment Committee, and is on the Knox Learning Center Advisory Committee.

Rudy has stated, ” I believe in the community. You have to give something to get something. I sincerely appreciate all the support that this community has given, not only me but my family and my company, Mayer Realty & Associates. Your continued support is valued and appreciated, thereby enabling me to return to the community, some of the good things that it has given me.”

Co-owner and broker, Jeffrey B. Keaghey joined Mayer Realty in 1979, as a salesman. In 1985, he opened his own office, Keaghey Real Estate and operated it until rejoining Mayer Realty in August of 1994, when the two firms jointly negotiated a sale of land which included his office to Brookshire Bros. The new store now sits on this site, and is one of the finest in the area. Jeff is married to the former Judy Kay Keng of Giddings. They have two children, Corrie, presently a nurse, wife and mother, and Jason, who is a licensed real estate agent with Mayer Realty & Associates.  Jeff, and his family are members of the Martin Luther Lutheran Church of Giddings. Jeff, was familiar with the city of Giddings at an early age due to his father, Mr.. W.O. Keaghey serving as Giddings City manager back in the 1960’s.

Jeff holds a B.A.. Degree in real estate from Blinn College in addition to taking specialized appraisal courses through Texas A & M and Deane Business College. Mr. Keaghey is a candidate for membership with the National Association of Fee Appraisers and is also qualified to testify as an expert witness. Since 1979, Jeff has appraised or inspected approximately 1200 rural and residential properties in the Central Texas Area. He has sold properties in Lee, Bastrop, Burleson, Washington & Fayette County over the past 16 plus years and is well acquainted with the values, property, and good folks that reside there.

Jeff has served on the Board of Directors of the Giddings Country Club where he enjoys many good games of golf. He also is a past member of the Giddings Lions Club & is past Grand Master of the J. D. Giddings Lodge # 280. Jeff is a definite asset both to Mayer Realty and to the community.

Sales associate Billy Higgins, is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree. Billy has been a licensed real estate agent since early 2004 and a licensed auctioneer since 1996. Billy is a family man originally from Alvin, where he grew up in the rice fields of the Texas Gulf Coast. Billy can trace his ancestors here in Texas back six generations to a Texas Ranger in the Republic of Texas so his Texas roots run deep and hold fast. He has a wife, two sons and a daughter and a large extended family. Billy is active in his local church and volunteers his time in numerous local church and community activities each year. Billy will work hard to earn your business and will stay late on weekdays or work weekends to find and show whatever properties you may be interested in. If you would like to schedule a property showing or list your property please call and let us here at Mayer Realty and Associates earn your business Check us out, along with other area agencies and ask for references. We feel confident that you will choose Mayer Realty & Associates.

We Appreciate Your Patronage. Thanks for taking the time to consider Mayer Realty & Associates.